Less is more

I’m a fan and follower of Lori Putnam’s work and wish to reference one of her recent posts regarding color selection. You don’t need a wide range of colors on your palette to make things work. For instasnce, I don’t use napthol red (alizarin crimson instead or even oxide red, which is nearly brown anyway). I think too many color choices confuses decisions.

I get asked this a lot. From an email today: How do you make such lovely browns using your limited palette? Answer: cad yellow, napthol red, ultramarine blue. Mixed secondary colors from those. Green and red make brown. Violet and orange make brown. If needed, lighten with yellow to keep it rich. Also, in terms of “use,” placing the right colors near browns in the work itself strengthens their relationship.








Thank you, Lori, for your excellent work and contributions to those who seek to learn.

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